This page contains resources for counsellors, psychotherapists, supervisors and trainers (and they're all easy for me to find here too...)

CBT Worksheets

This is a pretty standard seven column thought record sheet, it can be used simply to track thoughts or for any specific feeling or emotion, eg. anger.
This worksheet helps to develop self awareness around our thought patterns, identifying irrational thoughts so they can be replaced by positive self talk.
By using the CBT Action Plan worksheet, negative thoughts and behaviours can be easily identified and alternative strategies worked out.
Use this worksheet to plan CBT behavioural experiments and to record the outcomes in order to challenge negative feelings and beliefs.
The case conceptualisation form helps us to understand the origin, current status and what maintains a clients problem. It is an important core component of CBT work.
Also known as the 'Hot Cross Bun', this is a more visual version of the case conceptualisation form above. It is used to take a snapshot of the CBT model during a single event.
By working methodically through this sheet you can help the client to respond to negative thinking by introducing alternative, positive thoughts.
Babette Rothschild's flashback halting protocol is useful for anyone having a flashback or anxiety attack. It helps to ground you in the present whilst acknowledging, rather than suppressing the trauma.
Babette Rothschild's nightmare halting protocol works in a similar way to the flashback halting protocol. It helps to ground you (or your client) in the present after having a nightmare.

Workshop Reading Lists

This is the recommended reading list for the Working with Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse workshop.

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